Qingdao Taizheng VMC-855 vertical machining center creates a new benchmark for high-precision machining!
Welcome to Qingdao Taizheng VMC-855 vertical machining center! We lead the forefront of precision machining technology and provide you with excellent machining solutions. Our products have a unique USP, allowing you to quickly improve your processing efficiency and take your quality to a higher level.
Our V855 has a series of unique selling points, including a spindle taper of BT40, which ensures more reliable working performance. The spindle speed is up to 8,000 rpm, equipped with 7.5 kW serial power and 11 kW overload power, making your processing process more efficient. Important joint surfaces such as the base and columns are made of Japanese precision scrapers and are manually worked by senior technicians to ensure every square meter of contact area and maintain the best assembly accuracy and durability of the fuselage.
We are well aware of our customers' pursuit of product quality and precision. Qingdao Taizheng VMC-855 vertical machining center has been personally verified by customers and has become the first choice in many industries for its excellent quality, high precision and durability. By choosing our machining center, you will experience the charm of precise processing and create greater value for your company.