Horizontal Machining Center HMC-63W

Short Description:

A horizontal machining center (HMC) is a machining center with its spindle in a horizontal orientation. This machining center design favors uninterrupted production work. More significantly, the horizontal design allows a two-pallet workchanger to be incorporated into a space-efficient machine. To save time, work can be loaded on one pallet of a horizontal machining center while machining occurs on the other pallet.

  • Table Size: 24.80X24.80(in)
  • X-Axis,Y-Axis,Z-Axis: 41.34X33.46X37.40(in)
  • Positioning Accuracy: ±0.0002/11.81(in)
  • Approximate Weight: A: 15500kg / B: 17000kg
  • The Workbench Maximum Load: 1200kg
  • Product Detail

    Product Parameters


    Product Tags

    Horizontal milling machine It can realize drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping and other complex parts under one clamping for complex parts such as various discs, plates, shells, cams, and molds. Two lines and one hard structure , suitable for single-piece and mass production of various complex parts in various industries.

    Product use

    HMC-63W (5)

    Horizontal machining center, widely used in automotive, aerospace, general machinery and other industries

    HMC-63W (4)

    Horizontal machining center. Most suitable for processing large strokes and complex precision parts

    HMC-63W (3)

    Horizontal machining center, suitable for multi-working surface and multi-process processing of parts

    HMC-63W (2)

    Horizontal machining centers are widely used in complex parts. Surface and hole processing.

    HMC-63W (1)

    Horizontal machining centers are widely used in complex parts. Surface and hole processing.

    Product casting process


    CNC Horizontal machining center, the casting adopts Meehanite casting process, and the label is TH300.

    Product casting process

    Horizontal milling machine, table cross slide and base, to meet heavy cutting and rapid movement

    Product casting process

    Horizontal milling machine, the inner part of the casting adopts double-walled grid-shaped rib structure.

    Product casting process

    Horizontal milling machine, the bed and columns fail naturally, improving the precision of the machining center.

    Product casting process

    Horizontal machining center, optimized design for five major castings, reasonable layout

    Boutique Parts

    Precision assembly inspection control process


    Workbench Accuracy Test


    Opto-Mechanical Component Inspection


    Verticality Detection


    Parallelism Detection


    Nut Seat Accuracy Inspection


    Angle Deviation Detection

    Configure brand CNC system

    TAJANE Horizontal machining center machine tools, according to customer needs, provide various brands of CNC systems to meet customers' different needs for vertical machining centers, FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISH, SYNTEC。

    SIEMENS 828D
    Mitsubishi M8OB

    Configure brand CNC system

    SIEMENS 828D

    Configure brand CNC system


    Configure brand CNC system

    Mitsubishi M8OB

    Configure brand CNC system

    Fully enclosed packaging, escort for transportation


    Fully enclosed wooden packaging

    Horizontal Machining Center HMC-63W, fully enclosed package, escort for transportation


    Vacuum packaging in the box

    Horizontal Machining Center HMC-63W, with moisture-proof vacuum packaging inside the box, suitable for long-distance long-distance transportation


    Clear mark

    Horizontal Machining Center HMC-63W, with clear markings in the packing box, loading and unloading icons, model weight and size, and high recognition


    Solid wood bottom bracket

    Horizontal Machining Center HMC-63W, the bottom of the packing box is made of solid wood, which is hard and non-slip, and fastens to lock the goods

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  • Specifications HMC-63W
    Travel X-Axis,Y-Axis,Z-Axis X: 1050, Y: 850, Z: 950mm
    Spindle Nose To Pallet 150-1100mm
    Spindle Center To Pallet Surface 90-940mm
    Table Table Size 630X630mm
    Workbench Number 1(OP:2)
    Workbench Surface Configuration M16-125mm
    The Workbench Maximum Load 1200kg
    The Smallest Unit of Setting 1°(OP:0.001°)
    Controller and Motor 0IMF-ß 0IMF-α 0IMF-ß
    Spindle Motor 15/18.5 kW (143.3Nm) 22/26 kW (140Nm) 15/18.5 kW (143.3Nm)
    X Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm) 3kW(36Nm)
    Y Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm)BS 6kW(38Nm)BS 3kW(36Nm)BS
    Z Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm) 3kW(36Nm)
    B Axis Servo Motor 2.5kW (20Nm) 3kW (12Nm) 2.5kW (20Nm)
    Feed Rate 0IMF-ß 0IMF-α 0IMF-ß
    X. Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min
    Y Axis Rapid Feed Rate 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min
    X. Y. Z Max.Cutting Feed Rate 6m/min 6m/min 6m/min
    ATC Arm Type (Tool to Tool) 30T (4.5 sec)
    Tool Shank BT-50
    Max. Tool Diameter*Length(adjacent) φ200*350mm(φ105*350mm)
    Max. Tool Weight 15kg
    Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.005mm / 300mm
    Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.003mm
    Others Approximate Weight A: 15500kg / B: 17000kg
    Floor Space Measurement A: 6000*4600*3800mm B: 6500*4600*3800mm

    Standard Accessories

    ● Spindle and servo motor load display
    ●Spindle and servo overload protection
    ●Rigid tapping
    ● Fully enclosed protective cover
    ● Electronic handwheel
    ● lighting fixtures
    ●Double spiral chip conveyor
    ●Automatic lubrication system
    ●Electrical box thermostat
    ●Spindle tool cooling system
    ●RS232 interface
    ●Airsoft guns
    ●Spindle taper cleaner

    Optional Accessories

    ●Three-axis grating ruler detection device
    ●Workpiece measuring system
    ●Tool measuring system
    ●Spindle internal cooling
    ●CNC rotary table
    ●Chain chip conveyor
    ●Tool length setter and edge finder
    ●Water separator
    ●Spindle water cooling device
    ●Internet function


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