Turning Center TCK-58L

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Large High-Precision Lathe for Large-diameter Shafts
• The TAJANE provides three variations of through-spindle holes for a wide range of workpieces. The highly rigid and highly accurate turning center with a distance between centers of 1,000 mm is most suited for machining of large-diameter shafts in the construction machinery and the energy industries.
• It realizes machining of difficult-to-cut materials with the high rigidity bed, thoroughly controlled thermal displacement and outstanding milling capability equal to that of machining centers.

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TCK-58H series turning center, the overall bed is made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron, and vibration is eliminated, suitable for long-term heavy-duty operation. In addition, the bed channel is induction hardened and precision ground to achieve straightness accuracy. The bed is also designed with three "V" shapes and a flat staircase to improve machining reliability and precision.

Product use

TCK-45L (1)

Turning centers are widely used in the processing of precision shaft parts

TCK-45L (2)

Turning center, widely used in the processing of threaded parts

TCK-45L (5)

The turning center is suitable for the processing of precision connecting rod parts

TCK-45L (4)

Turning center, widely used in the processing of hydraulic pipe joint parts

TCK-45L (3)

Turning centers are widely used in the processing of precision shaft parts

Precision components

Precision components (1)

Machine tool configuration Taiwan Yintai C3 high-precision guide rail

Precision components (2)

Machine tool configuration Taiwan Shangyin high-precision P-grade screw rod

Precision components (3)

All spindles are extremely robust and thermally stable

Precision components (5)

The machine tool offers a wide range of chip removal and cooling systems

Precision components (4)

Machine offers a wide range of tooling options and quick-change tool holders

Configure brand CNC system

TAJANETurning centers machine tools, according to customer needs, provide various brands of CNC systems to meet customers' different needs for vertical machining centers, FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISH, SYNTEC, 。

Mitsubishi M8OB

Configure brand CNC system


Configure brand CNC system


Configure brand CNC system

Mitsubishi M8OB

Configure brand CNC system

Fully enclosed packaging, escort for transportation


Fully enclosed wooden packaging

Turning Center TCK-58L, fully enclosed package, escort for transportation


Vacuum packaging in the box

Turning Center TCK-58L, with moisture-proof vacuum packaging inside the box, suitable for long-distance long-distance transportation


Clear mark

Turning Center TCK-58L, with clear markings in the packing box, loading and unloading icons, model weight and size, and high recognition


Solid wood bottom bracket

Turning Center TCK-58L, the bottom of the packing box is made of solid wood, which is hard and non-slip, and fastens to lock the goods

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  • Part Model Item RH-25HA-750MY RH-25HA-1000MY RH-25HA-2000MY RH-25HA-3000MY
    The main parameters The maximum upper rotation diameter of the bed surface Φ920
    Maximum machining diameter Φ600
    The maximum processing diameter on the tool post Φ600
    Maximum processing length 590 890 2040 2980
    Spindle and chuck parameters Spindle head form A2-11 A2-11 A2-11 A2-11
    Optional chuck(special configuration) 12”(15”) 12”(15”) 12”(15”) 12”(15”)
    Recommended spindle motor power 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
    Spindle speed 22-30KW
    Spindle hole diameter Φ102 Φ102 Φ102 Φ102
    Bar diameter Φ91 Φ88 Φ88 Φ88
    Feed section parameters X/Z/Y axis screw specifications 4008/5010
    X/Z/Y axis rail specifications Hard track
    X/Z//Y axis limit travel 330/940/120(±60) 330/1240/120(±60) 330/2440/120(±60) 330/3340/120(±60)
    Recommended X/Z/Y axis motor torque 22 N.M/22 N.M/15N.M
    X/Z/Y axis connection method Direct connection/direct connection/synchronous wheel
    Turret or Row Optional turret(special configuration) Sanwa SHD25BR-380(Cheng Tong BMT65-380-V12)
    Power head specification BMT65/ER32
    Power head speed 5000rpm
    Transmission ratio of power shaft and tool seat 1:1
    Recommended turret center height dimension 125
    Tailstock Socket diameter 100
    Socket travel 80
    Tailstock maximum stroke 785 1085 2285 3185
    Tailstock sleeve tapered hole Mohs 5#
    Appearance Dimensions (length x width x height) Integral/30°/2940/1503/1950 Integral/30°/3240/1503/1950 Integral/30°/4440/1503/1950 Integral/30°/5340/1503/1950

    Standard Configuration

    ● High-quality resin sand casting, HT250, the height of the main shaft assembly and tailstock assembly is 60mm;
    ● Imported screw (THK);
    ● Imported ball rail (THK or Yintai);
    ● Spindle assembly: the spindle is Luoyi or Taida spindle assembly;
    ● Main motor pulley and belt;
    ● Screw bearing: FAG;
    ● Joint venture lubrication system (River Valley);
    ● Black, according to the color palette provided by the customer, the paint color can be configured;
    ● Encoder assembly (without encoder);
    ● One X/Z shaft coupling (R+M);
    ● Braking system.


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